Planning For Successful Streaming

Choosing your Venue

  • Does the venue have broadband?
    • How long is the cable run to the access point?
  • Sketch camera location and type (manned or unmanned)
  • Will you want to record sound and/or video locally?
  • How far to the nearest mains power sockets (and how many)?

Before the day/Setup

  • Health & Safety: consider hand/toe protection, plan manual handling.
  • Finalise exact location of cameras
  • Finalise position of microphone (Contact us for bespoke sound system design for complex sound integration)
  • Table and chair for operator(s)
    • Distances between operator station and each camera?
      • Our longest HDMI cable is 5m
      • Our longest SDI cable is 30m
  • Suitable loading of 240V power extensions for
    • Each camera
    • Each light
    • Operators laptop
    • Video switcher
    • Each HDMI/SDI Converter if used
    • Any monitors/battery chargers/
  • Does the operator’s laptop:
    • Run windows 10: the Camera app can be a useful aid for setup.
    • Need USB2, USB3, or USB-C? (CALM equipment may use any one of these)
  • Health & Safety: secure cables and stands, keep lights out of eyeline.
  • Do a test stream.
  • Security: where will equipment be stored until the day?

On the day

  • Privacy: Does everyone know they are being videoed?
  • Health & Safety: consider hand protection, plan manual handling.
  • Get out/relocate expect as a minimum:
    • 1 long case for stands (for cameras, lights, microphones) and cables
    • 1 large case for lights
    • 1 case for cameras and electronics.

* Details correct at time of publishing 23 Dec 2020