Transparent Discounts

Our sliding scale of discounts are automatically applied to hire rates by our website. So, if you’re planning a seven week production there’s no need to negotiate: everybody gets a fair price. Likewise, if your production only has selected dates over a ten week period then there’s no need to return equipment half way through for a two week break: typically after 5 weeks you’ll be on roughly 50% the headline rate.

For the sort of short term hires seen in music events you’ll also find our rates competitive, matching the headline rates of other providers not specialising in theatre.

If you’re after 100% transparency then follow this link for the mathematical details.

Our ex-hire sales are keenly priced taking into consideration age and usage. The only additional discount offered is for collections in person.

Feel free to contact us anytime but especially if:

  • you find a key piece of equipment missing or unavailable from our portfolio. We’re a young business and our portfolio is rapidly expanding, so just give us a call and we’ll usually find a competitive quotation for that keystone technology you’re after.
  • you require a bespoke package putting together. Our components are typically priced to include tour cases and other overheads which may not be appropriate for, say, a non-touring 10 week Christmas show.

Try calling Chris directly on 07740946141. We’ll be glad to listen to your requirements and coordinate an offer.


Flexi Hire Discount

We’ve been listening to the feedback from our clients who look for good deals for touring productions and we’ve come up with Flexi5weeks our first discount coupon.

Get 10% discount by using the Flexi5weeks coupon which is applicable (by mutual agreement on a case by case basis: we don’t have pages of Terms and Conditions, just a mutual trust and respect) if you hire a minimum £600 for over 6 weeks but are prepared to return the gear for a 1 week break.

For example: you want to hire equipment for 1 week Technical Rehearsals and Scratch night but then take a week off before going on tour for 4 weeks. After the scratch night, if you return the equipment (at your expense) to us, we’ll keep it for the week until you pick it up the following week.

To use the coupon on our site, you’ll need to select the equipment you want for the two blocks of dates (eg 1-7 Feb and 15Feb-14Mar). Then go to your shopping cart and enter the coupon Flexi5weeks to get your extra discount.

Safety and Quality

All our equipment is less than 4 year’s old unless functional stability requirements dictate otherwise. For example we use either macOS 10.15 Catalina for compatibility with QLab 4.7 or macOS 11 Big Sur for compatibility with Nuendo as of Nov 8, 2022.

Each item is subject to Pre Hire checks which are recorded for asset traceability. Where appropriate this also includes Portable Appliance Test (PAT) inspections which are recorded on the asset tags as QR codes. You can therefore check the test results using most modern smart phones with a suitable App:

[appbox appstore 1358270006]

[appbox googleplay com.Seaward.QRDATAViewer]

Similarly when the equipment is returned from hire the process is repeated to ensure that timely maintenance prepares the items for their next rental period.

Transparent Shipping

We are based in Blaydon on Tyne in the North East of England and only use third party couriers in the exception rather than the rule. Thus we always deliver and collect in a mutually agreeable time window.

We assume that both Delivery and Collection are to/from the same address and price accordingly. The price we quote includes both Delivery to your site at the commencement of hire and Collection from your site at the end of hire. Pricing is based upon our Zoning system which is based upon the number of driving hours from Tyneside. In compliance with EU driving time regulations (EC No 561/2006) Zone 6 (>5hrs) upwards also includes provision for overnight accommodation for our driver.

If you need Delivery and Collection from different locations just add a note with both post codes to your Check Booking Availability Order and we’ll get back to you with an offer.

Products, Services and Consumables

Historically our core business has been Equipment Hire for small and medium size theatrical productions including IO and mixing desks; speakers and amplifiers; computers and displays as well as microphones and Direct Inputs (DIs). Since the spring of 2020 we have seen an expansion in demand for stands, backdrops and acoustic treatment; recording and storage technology and even live streaming and video equipment. Our components and packages include the most common cables and cases (tour grade where required) as well as small quantities of consumables including PPE. If you are looking to include distance selling into your repertoire then we also offer short or long term web hosting and training services.