Dual Redundant QLab Playback

From: £277.20 (£231.00 ex VAT)

(Price From is for 7day min. hire. Extended hires from £17.00pd)

Dual Redundant QLab Playback features twin MacMinis running QLab with redundant Dante I/O via Autograph XDANTE-1 switch and Yamaha SWP 1-8.



Hot Standby Dual Redundant FOH Pack

This package is designed to employ the Autograph XDANTE-1 to facilitate switching between redundant MacMinis:
min 8U flight rack (subject to change) with

  • 2x Mac Mini i7 16GB 256GB
  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • QLabPro Audio (Video licencing is available as an extra cost option)
  • 1x Yamaha SWP 1-8 (for Dante net)
  • 1x Cisco SF350-24 (for Control eg OSC/File Sharing/Screen Sharing net)
  • 1x Autograph XDANTE-1 switch
  • 1x 2-Port HDMI & USB KVM Switch
  • Mainstage
  • Dante Virtual Soundcard, Dante Controller
  • mouse and keyboard
  • 2x1U LMS 6x240VACPDUs (UPS available as an extra cost option)
  • GL-iNet SLATE (provides DHCP services and WiFi to support Yamaha StageMix(not included))

AOC 22″ monitor

  • supplied in own flight case
  • HDMI cables
  • Dual USB Go Box with leads

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