Sound Designer

Version: Open Beta 0.2-Build 20240207

Accessibility errors viz:

  • 1x Missing alternative text
  • 2x Missing form label (in Widget)
Shouldn't be able to disappear off the ends of Prev/Next chains.
Should cater for Flexi5Week discount scheme.
Could show each Booking cost for improved UX.
Production Order price should update with calendar change.
Sticky System Names: System name changes should propagate immediately.
Main (Unit/Bin/System) area should have dynamic number of rows.


Phase 1 Q2 23

  • Any web user can create complex Systems based on hireable units with benefit of minimal overhead costs immediately viewable.
  • Registered users save/retrieve/update/delete their own Systems with unit multipliers.
  • Registered users can create/retrieve/delete their own Productions consisting of 1 or more System Bookings with benefit of instant quotations inclusive of all existing discounts for hire period.

Phase 2 Q3 23

  • Anyone should be able to export a System Pack Report.
  • Anyone should be able to export/import a Dante Controller preset file with benefit of eg receiving competitive quotation.
  • Anyone can drill down into System units with benefit of modifying quantity of optional resources.
  • Registered users can create/retrieve/delete Bookings for shipping Systems to/from chosen address.
  • Registered users can share Systems, Bookings or Production Orders with other registered users, without needing to export and reimport.

Phase 3 Q4 23

  • Anyone can drill down into System units with benefit of modifying validated lengths/amounts for optional resources.
  • Anyone can create dependencies/links between units with benefit of communicating requirements to CALM as suppliers.
  • Anyone can export/import Yamaha QLEditor csv files.
  • Registered users can perform Availability check against Production Bookings resulting in: all currently available or; deposit required to secure or; unavailable (please contact for further information).
  • Registered users can receive further refined discount for multiple System Bookings on a single Production Order.

Phase 4 Q1 24

  • Anyone can export/print a Tech Spec

Intellectual Property

Logged On Users

All System details (ie Unit collections, and inter-Unit dependencies) created or uploaded by logged on Users shall remain the Intellectual Property of the logged on user and CALM iT Services Ltd shall make all reasonable efforts to keep your data secure and private. All Production Orders, Bookings and System headers (eg first week rate) created by logged on Users shall be deemed the Intellectual Property of CALM iT Services Ltd.

Users not Logged On

All System headers, System details, Bookings and Production Orders created or uploaded by Users not logged on shall be deemed the Intellectual property of CALM iT Services Ltd.

If you would like to send feedback, please email
Please include the app Version number and ideally your browser and operating system name and version.

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This System

Pair EMS-41
Pair EMS-61
Pair EMS-51X
Pair Genelec 8010
Beyerdynamic DT770 Headphones
EM Acoustics/Yamaha S-12 subwoofer/PX10 Amp Bundle
Glensound Dante Monitor
Pair EMS-81X
EM Acoustics S-12
EM Acoustics EMS-41
EM Acoustics EMS-51X
EM Acoustics EMS-61
Genelec 8010 AP
EM Acoustics EMS-81X