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Syncopation requires Audio

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the production team for Syncopation at The Bridewell Centre, London.

CALM will be supplying EM Acoustics speakers with Yamaha and EM Acoustics amplifiers throughout March and April 2024.

1912 New York and ballroom dancing halls are filled with the syncopated beats of ragtime music.  Meatpacker Henry is seeking a new dance partner and when seamstress Anna responds to his advertisement, life takes an unexpected turn. Allan Knee’s award winning two-person drama is a fascinating blend of theatre, music and dance.

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CALM supplies ballroom audio magic for Ella’s ball.

CALM Theatre Sounds are pleased to announce repeat business with Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Northern Stage for their production of Cinderella: A Fairytale. Once again CALM are supplying EM Acoustics speakers and amplifiers to augment the ‘epic space’ of Stage 1 & 2 combined together.

Ella misses her mother and father. Her step-mother is the worst, a horrible bully determined to make her life a misery.  Her step-brother and sister are no help.  Nature is her escape and the birds seem to be her only friends.

But, when she meets a boy in the woods who loves to bird watch too, her heart begins to flutter! Her mind races and she begins to believe in the magical power of love.

And then: an invitation for all of us to join in the festive cheer at the Queen’s Christmas ball!

Full of music, dance and comedy, Cinderella: A Fairytale is a retelling of this classic tale for anyone who has ever dreamed that good will always win.

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World first Free and Open online audio hire booking system

CALM Theatre Sounds announces the “Sound Designer” online app that allows anyone to freely tailor an audio hire system and receive instant quotations for extended hires. By allowing users to combine multiple units into a single System they reduce the overheads associated with other companies that treat large hires as a number of small hires each associated with its own overhead charges.showing left hand column of draggable speaker names; central empty bin column; right hand column headed M4M Tour System with draggable unit names viz. Yamaha QL1, Yamaha RIO1608, Qlab Playback, EM Acoustics DQ6D

The “Sound Designer” app also allows users to Book Systems for different phases of a Production and automatically calculates extended hire discounts.

CALM Theatre Sounds have adopted a free and open software model encouraging users to interact as Co-Developers. The app is now in open beta release and users are asked to feedback ideas for improvement, bugs and feature wishlists.

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QL1 for Live with Reverb

Live Theatre‘s World Premiere production of Love It If We Beat Them chooses CALM to supply Yamaha QL1 and Lexicon PCM92. Love It If We Beat Them is a new political drama that explores a time of significant change in the identity of the North East communities and perfectly captures a moment in recent history that defines who we are today. It explores the questions: What is power without principle? And what are principles without power?