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XDANTE-1 Network Audio Changeover.

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XDANTE-1 Network Audio Changeover

The XDANTE-1 DANTE Changeover System was developed as a simple and efficient way to switch
between redundant DANTE sources at the push of a button.
The unit is housed in a 1U 19” rack-mount case with dual redundant switch mode PSUs as
The unit allows for remote switching to allow sync with XUSB-2 PC Changeover, or for simple
external button control.
The unit consists of two independently controllable 64 into 32 channel Dante switchers. These
can be combined to allow switching of up to 128 inputs to 64 outputs.
• 48KHz 24bit operation. Up to 128 Input channels to 64 Output channels
• 96KHz 24bit operation. Up to 64 Input channels to 32 Output Channels
There is a second switching mode which allows for Output switching. This will switch the first 32
inputs to the first or second block of 32 outputs.

This is ex hire stock in good condition and in original packaging, with substantial use. Asset tags have been removed without trace.

The following table summarises the usage and condition:

CALM Asset Tag SerialNumber Days Hired Out Condition
654 ASR1121 133 minor scuffs

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