DPA 4061 (beige)

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Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone, Lo-Sens, Beige terminated with locking 3.5mm

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DPA 4061-FM

The d:screet™ 4061 Miniature Microphones are the versatile workhorses that adapts to your needs. With eminent sound quality, a large range of accessories, and adapters available for all pro wireless systems, the d:screet Miniature Mics are the obvious choice for any application requiring a big sound and a small footprint.

Originally designed for use with wireless systems in theater, television and close-miked instrument applications, the d:screet™ 4061 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone is highly unobtrusive. Because of it’s small size, these tiny condensers exhibit an exceedingly accurate omnidirectional pattern and therefore do not need to be aimed directly at the sound source to achieve quality pickup.

d:screet™ 4061 is acoustically identical to the 4060, but the sensitivity is adjusted to match some of the more sensitive transmitters on the market

  • Directional characteristics:
  • Principle of operation:
  • Cartridge type:
Pre-polarized condenser element with vertical diaphragm
  • Frequency range, ± 2 dB:
Soft boost grid: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 3 dB soft boost at 8 – 20 kHz. High boost grid: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 10 dB boost at 12 kHz.
  • Sensitivity, nominal, ±3 dB at 1 kHz:
6 mV/Pa; -44 dB re. 1 V/Pa
  • Equivalent noise level A-weighted:
Typ. 26 dB(A) re. 20 µPa (max. 28 dB(A))
  • Equiv. noise level ITU-R BS.468-4:
Typ. 38 dB (max. 40 dB)
  • S/N ratio, re. 1 kHz at 1 Pa (94 dB SPL):
68 dB(A)
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD):
< 1 % THD up to 123 dB SPL peak; < 1 % THD up to 120 dB SPL RMS sine
  • Dynamic range:
Typ. 97 dB
  • Max. SPL, peak before clipping:
144 dB
  • Output impedance:
30 – 40 ohm
  • Cable drive capability:
Up to 300 m (984 ft)
  • Power supply:
For wireless systems: Min. 5 V – max. 50 V through DPA adapter. With DAD6001-BC/DAD6024/DAD4099: 48 V phantom power ±4 V for full performance.

These are ex-hire stock in as described (terminated with locking 3.5mm and theatre strain relief, some with slight glue deposit, all slightly discoloured) condition, with significant use. The glue deposits are from usage as with Lav Mic Concealment Kit and each unit is still in hireable condition for theatre use or similar. Note, we do NOT recommend these mics for video use due to the handling noise that can be generated by the glue deposits near the capsules.

Detail photos available on request.

The following table shows the usage and condition:

CALM Asset Tag Description SerialNumber Condition
770 DPA 4061 beige R143703 SOLD
771 DPA 4061 beige R188111 discoloured and glue deposits 0-5cm from capsule
772 DPA 4061 beige R191817 discoloured and glue deposits 0-5cm from capsule