Pixapro LECO 500S II Daylight Balanced LED Video Light Three-Head Panels

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The PIXAPRO LECO500S II Three Head Panels comprises of three user-friendly 36W 5600K Daylight- Balanced LED Light Panels making it ideal for the versatile three-point lighting set up- one light acts as the main, one as a fill-light and the other can be boomed from above to act as a hair light or a backlight.

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3x Pixapro LECO 500S II Daylight Balanced LED Video Light

Max. Output Power 36W
Colour Temperature 5600K
CRI 96
Number of LEDs 600
Luminous Flux 4,320 lm
F-Stop (at 1m) Approx. f/3.6 (1/80 Sec @ ISO 100)
Brightness 9,032 lux
Beam Angle 45°
Power Range 10%-100%
DC Power Input 13 ~ 19V
Power Adapter DC 15V 2.4A
Battery Plate 2x Sony NP-F750/970
Remote Frequency 2.4GHz
Remote Range >50m
Number of Channels 99
Dimensions 242mm x 191mm x 42mm

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What’s In the Box
  • 3x LECO 500S II LED Panels
  • 3x Remote Control
  • 3x Power Adapters
  • 6x NP-F750 Batteries
  • 1x Battery Charger

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