Rate Details

The Base Price is the price highlighted “from” in the Shop. This price applies for the first week. The only exceptions to this are for some of our packages which may, for example, have a 15 day minimum hire.

In days 8 to 21 the price uses 0.2 times the Base Price + 0.8 times the Daily Price (which is 1/7th the Base Price). Exception, as above for some packages.

In days 22 to 28 the price is 0.5 times the Base Price + 0.7 times the Daily Price.

Days 29 to 35 the price is 0.9 times the Base Price + 0.6 times the Daily Price.

Days 36 to 91 the price is 1.4 times the Base Price + 0.5 times the Daily Price.

From day 92 the price will be 2 times the Base Price + 0.4 times the day rate.