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CALM chosen for Auckland Castle

The Auckland Project choose CALM Theatre Sounds for their Baroque Nativity.

On the Winter Experience trail is the Faith Museum’s dramatic gallery where visitors will be invited to take in the rare sight of an 18th-century Baroque créche known in Italian as a Presepe.

The monumental Neapolitan Nativity scene, which measures a remarkable 11ft tall and 15ft wide is one of the most impressive and important examples outside Italy and brings together classical and Christian mythology with the traditional folk culture of everyday Naples.

CALM supplied:

  • QLab on a Mac Mini
  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Audio Interface (3rd Gen)
  • 8x EM Acoustics EMS-61
  • 2x EM Acoustics S-12
  • 3x Yamaha PX* amplifiers