Pair EMS-51

From: £38.40 (£32.00 ex VAT)

Ultra compact passive loudspeaker inc. Flights/Safeties


An ultra-compact passive loudspeaker for use where compact size is as important as sonic performance. The EMS-51 is a compact two-way multipurpose loudspeaker intended for a variety of applications – either as a stand-alone product, or else with the incorporation of S-48 or S-12 subwoofers to make a truly fullrange system.

  • True passive design – no corrective DSP required
  • Sealed enclosure gives gentle 12dB per octave LF roll off
  • Flexible rigging and mounting options
  • Horizontal and vertical yokes included
  • Black and white textured paint as standard


We include Safeties and Flight Case

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