PiXAPRO VNIX LED1000S Daylight LED Panel Three Head Kit

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The PIXAPRO VNIX1000S Three-Head kit comprises of 3x64W 5600K Daylight Balanced LED Light Panel making it ideal for the versatile three-point lighting set up, using one key light, one fill light and one back light, making it suitable for either videos or stills.


3x PiXAPRO VNIX LED1000S Daylight LED Panel

Max. Power Output 64W
Brightness 8,900 Lux @1m
F-Stop (at 1m) f/5.6 (1/80 Sec @ ISO 100)
Number of LEDs 1040
Colour Temperature 5600 ± 300K
Beam Angle 45°
CRI ≥95%
Power Range 10-100%
Remote 99 Channels 2.4GHz
Remote Working Distance >50m
LED Lifespan Approx. 50,000 Hours
DMX Output Yes
Voltage DC19V 4.7A
Dimensions 330mm x 210mm x 48.5mm

Supplied with 3 Manfrotto 1004BAC Master Lighting Stand in 2 cases.