FollowCart with Lavs-MS-Timecode and Camera Hop

From: £112.80 (£94.00 ex VAT)

(Price From is for 48 hr min. hire. Extended hires from £24.00pd)

FollowCart with Lavs, MS, Timecode and Camera Hop



FollowCart with Lavs, MS, Timecode and Camera Hop

1xMini SoundCart

  • Soundcart Mini Cart
  • Sliding Shelf
  • Boom holder
  • Headphones holder
  • Cup Holder
  • Manfrotto Micro Friction arm

2x Tentacle Timecode Sync-E Timecode Generator & Bluetooth Data Control Sets

  • 2x Tentacle Sync E Boxes with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 2x Mini Jack Cables (3-Pin) for Syncing and Connecting to Cameras
  • 2x USB-C Cables for Charging and Setup
  • 2x Tentacle Clamps for Locking your Cables to the Tentacle Sync E
  • Velcro Loop Pads for Mounting Tentacle to your Device
  • Colored Rubber Bands
  • 1x Quickstart Guide

1x Tentacle Sync Tentacle to Right Angle BNC

1x Filmsticks (FCBM) Medium ClapperBoard Kit

1x Rycote Cyclone Stereo MS Windshield Kit with Sennheiser MKH 50 & MKH 30

4x DPA 4060 with Sony UWP-D21 wireless lav kits

1x Sony UWP-D21 Camera Hop kit

1x K-Tek K-202 Klassic 5-Section Graphite Boom Pole (1.16 – 5.13m)

+FilmSticks Clapper and Slate

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