K-Tek KE79 Boom Pole

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K-Tek Avalon Traveler KE-79 aluminium boom pole, 6 sections, 51-198cm, 561g


K-Tek KE79 Boom Pole

This KE79 Avalon Aluminium Traveller Boom Pole has a collapsed length of 1ft 8in | 51cm and an extended length of 6ft 7in | 201cm and only weighs 1.237lbs | 561g. This 6-section Aluminium Traveller Boom pole is uncabled. The top attachment is a 3/8″ – 16 male thread and the bottom attachment is a Delrin Base.
Using the Avalon knurled collars on K-Tek’s well-known locking mechanisms trusted by industry professionals worldwide, this boom pole is easy to transport and quick to deploy.
The K-Tek Avalon Aluminium poles are crafted of black anodized aluminium with a smooth finish, the Avalon aluminium poles extend and collapse with ease.

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